The success of Seacliff Energy is largely made possible by our supporting cast of partners that enable our organics recycling operations to run continuously and efficiently.

Envest Corp.

Envest Corp. is an independent power producer delivering private utility energy to industrial, commercial & government customers in North America. Envest’s primary focus is to provide clean distributed energy systems using natural or renewable fuels. Envest finances, builds, owns and operates turnkey energy systems tailored to meet their customers’ specific objectives & power requirements in mission critical environments.

Cornerstone Renewables

Seacliff Energy is a founding member of Cornerstone Renewables – a co-operative of 11 anaerobic digester facilities in Ontario. Cornerstone’s role is to source waste on behalf of its members, and to provide an easy portal for waste generators for access to our member’s facilities. Cornerstone connects its members into a single, cohesive network, which directs customer waste streams to whichever facility can best receive them at any given time. With 11 facilities linked together into the network, each plant becomes part of the contingency system for all the others. 

Cob Roller Farms

Cob Roller Farms owner Scott Leystra is an important partner in the marketing, logistics and application of Seacliff Green Organic Fertilizer. Scott’s field crop experience and access to logistics and application equipment make the use Seacliff Green a valuable custom nutrient tool.

Pelee Hydroponics

Pelee Hydroponics is the host farm for Seacliff Energy Corp.’s anaerobic digester facility. Pelee Hydroponics is a modern 7 acre greenhouse plant producing organic tomatoes. The digester and greenhouse enjoy a symbiotic relationship and close loops in a way that no other digester facility in Canada can do: 

  • Heat from the engine is directed to the greenhouse plant thereby eliminating the use of fossil fuel.
  • The digester and greenhouse draw heat from a mutually shared hot water tank and share software systems to deliver the heat to where it is needed.
  • The greenhouse’s natural gas boilers act as a back-up source of heat for the digester plant in the event of engine maintenance or breakdown.
  • The digester receives greenhouse crop leachate to use as make up water for the waste de-packaging process. This use of recycled water eliminates discharge into the watershed and becomes a source water protection benefit.
  • Organic waste from the greenhouse provides on-site feedstock for the digester.

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